Che-Yu Wu

New Media Artist

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Art in the AI Era: Exploring New Frontiers of Creativity

Abstract: In the contemporary era, the intersection of art and artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing creative expression. This talk examines how artists and AI collaborate to transcend traditional boundaries and redefine artistic creation. By integrating AI as both a creative medium and a conceptual tool, artists are experimenting with new forms, resulting in algorithmic art that challenges and expands human creativity. We will explore groundbreaking projects that showcase AI’s role as a co-creator, enhancing innovation and depth in art. This talk will also pose critical questions such as: “If AI creates all, what is art?” We aim to uncover the transformative power of AI in the art world and its implications for the future of creativity.

Speaker Info


Che-Yu Wu, a contemporary new media artist from Taiwan, infuses his works with algorithms, crafting eternal life and emotions in the digital realm. Rooted at the intersection of engineering and art, he delves into nature, physics, modern art, and mathematics. By employing advanced algorithms and interactive technologies, Wu bestows a unique language and vitality to digital art.

Che-Yu’s works not only present visual splendor but also build an emotional and spiritual bridge between the virtual and the real. He guides viewers to explore the poetic dimensions where the essence of the world and the touch of digital life converge. Some of his most recognizable works include "Seaham" on Artblocks, "CryptoPochi," and "SoulFish.”